What We Do

Licensed Gyp-Crete (Therma-Floor) dealer and installer:

Par Mechanical is a licensed Gyp-Crete dealer and installer. Gyp-Crete, a mixture of gypsum, Portland cement and sand and is a lightweight underlayment, which is used by many construction professionals. The product is environmentally friendly with fast installation and drying time and is one of the most common and effective installations of radiant floor heating. Also called Gypsum Concrete or Therma-Floor, this building material helps meet sound and fire ratings.

Therma-Floor systems can be used in many different situations, because it can be installed on top of subfloors and concrete slabs, whether existing or new.

Installation of heating systems:

We utilize the finest, most efficient and environmental products to provide energy saving control solutions for water based systems for our clients. Comfort, efficiency and system durability are what we want for you, our customer.

Heating system installations and upgrades:

Par Mechanical provides all manner of heating services, from complete system overhauls, to new installations or simple boiler replacement.

To learn more about the products we employ for our clients visit the websites below.
Therma-Floor: http://www.maxxon.com/
Heating and cooling products: http://www.tekmarcontrols.com/
Water heaters and boilers: http://www.lochinvar.com/

Our years of mechanical experience combined with computer-automation and drafting techniques knowledge base, along with close attention to detail throughout the production process is what allows us to prepare well coordinated bid documents and complete each job in a timely manner.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to bid on your next project and explain our business philosophy to you in detail.

Plumbing for installations, upgrades and more:

Par Mechanical is also a licensed Plumbing Contractor. Our Master Plumber can do installation, remodels, maintenance, new construction, and repair for any system.